Accurate     -      Perfect Levelling     -       Sturdy      -     Reliable      -     Easy to Install    -     Visible in the Dark

The Unique Level Indication Solution For Caravans and Motorhomes

Have you ever had disharmony levelling your caravan or motorhome? If so a “Pitch Perfect” product could be the answer for you. Pitch Perfect products have been designed to make the process of levelling a caravan or motorhome much easier and at low cost. The caravan or motorhome can now be levelled by one person and without the need to check levels with a spirit level. The LED indicators are easily visible in direct sunlight, from distance and in the dark.

Incorrectly levelled caravans can cause problems with the water drainage and cause uncomfortable sleep. The caravan fridge must also be level to operate correctly too.

Four Pitch Perfect products are available:

  • Integrated LED Level for caravans.
  • LED Level Suction Mount for caravans.
  • LED Level for caravans or motorhomes.
  • LED Level and Calibration Base for caravans or motorhomes.

  • What is our web app?

    How does it work?

    • Power source - 3 x AA or 2 x CR2032 batteries
    • Sensor type - Electro-mechanical
    • Weight - 800g , 300g & 200g
    • Light source - 1.9 – 2.3V 20000 mcd red light emitting diode (LED)
  • How does our app work?

    Why do you need it?

    • The Pitch Perfect levelling procedure only requires one person
    • Levelling procedure time is reduced with less stress
    • No requirement to check level with a spirit level